The Best Dog Training in Salt Lake City

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Are you a dog owner who lives in Salt Lake City and in search of dog training that City? If you do, then you have just found the right article. You might have a doubt in trusting people to take care of your dog. Rests assure, these are the best dog trainings you can count on:

  • Bark & Biscuit, Inc

If you have a problem in handling your dog’s behavior, then you need to go to a dog training like Bark & Biscuit , Inc – Salt Lake City. This dog training service has a professional trainer and she already has 10 years of experience in training dogs. Her name is Ashley and she is a SATS certified trainer. Some common problems that are faced by dog owners are deviant behavior and aggressive nature. With this dog training service, your dog will be good and trained. Say good bye to bad behavior! The office of this dog training is located in downtown of Salt Lake City; it is about 10 minutes from Salt Lake City Airport. You may contact her via telephone; (801)231-7311. As a bonus, she will give you the reports with pictures of the training progress.

  • Kudos 2 Canines – One of the best place for dog training at Salt Lake City 👍

Kudos 2 Canines is a dog training in Salt Lake City too. They offering to train your beloved dogs and it was established in January 2015. The owner has 15 years experience in training dogs and so do the trainers. This is the dog training Salt Lake City citizen loves so much, offering some training classes that can be chosen based on your dog training experience; there are basic class (for untrained 6 months dog or more), puppy class (for 9 weeks-6months), level 2 class (will be able to join after finished basic and puppy classes), advanced class (for dogs that have finished level 2 class, usually for AKG-CGC test), and trick n’ treat class (train your dog to do tricks). You and your dog can join 6 session of training for $125 in each class except the advanced class; in which you need to pay $10 for each visit. To contact this dog training Salt Lake City, you can call (801) 809-3005 or e-mail them to

  • Calling All Dogs

Calling All Dogs has many dog trainers who have 10 years of experience and this is one of the dog training Salt Lake City services you can consider. Not only the trainer; the owner is even certified by CPDT, the largest training organization. The trainers are also trained by travelling around the country to attend workshops, seminars, and lectures. This is why this company is a highly recommended dog training Salt Lake City the citizens love. There are five classes that you can choose; puppy training, essential basic, intermediate-advanced obedience, sports and specialty, and behavior solution. Each has its own sub-classes which have various prices. To know more about what this dog training center has, please check on their website or you can call them to (801) 809-3005.

  • Innovative K9 Academy Dog Training – Has Great Reputation in Salt Lake City

The name of the company is Innovative K9 Academy. Well, this company is known as one of the dog training Utah County has approved to be one of the best training due to its innovative and professional training. The trainers attended Michael Ellis School for Dog Trainers, which is a great school for dog trainers. As for the best dog training Salt Lake City trust, the training is in form of boot camp and your dog will stay there for days or even weeks. There are 3 course packages that you can choose; ten-day obedient dog course ($1975), two-week perfect dog course ($2275), and three-week dream dog course ($3175).  To contact this dog training Salt Lake City, you may call to (385) 321-9002.

These four are the best dog trainers in Utah County. Once your dog gets into these trainings, it won’t be the same; it will have discipline and it will obey you. However, to keep the obedience your dog got from the dog training Salt Lake City has offered, you need to keep its discipline at your house as well.

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