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If you stay at Winston – Salem and you are about to train your dog but you do not know yet where to go, maybe you should try these Dog Training centers at Winston Salem. They offer you the best service that your dog will ever receive. No matter what type of your dog is, a promising result is guaranteed. Here are some facts you need to know about Dog Training centers at Winston Salem.

  1. Winston-Salem Dog Training Club

This first Dog Training Winston Salem was founded by a group of local dog obedience enthusiasts who passionately allied their human resources to create a dog training services back in 1964. After more than 50 years after established, they have more than 150 members now who are always ready to serve and give the best service. The surprising fact is that all of interns and member in Dog Training Winston Salem are unpaid volunteers. They generously give their energy and time to manage events and trials, teach classes, provide community service activities, and do all the things to serve the club. This Dog Training Winston Salem is located at Station Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27106. In case you want to register yourself, kindly call (336) 924-4211 or send any email to

Winston-Salem Dog Training Club Maps
  1. Collegiate Canine Dog Training Center

Before you decide to put your dog to any dog training, you better go to this Dog Training center at Winston Salem. They offer you many kinds of activities that will suit dogs even dog handlers of all ages and all dogs’ abilities. The activities include fly ball, tracking, rally, agility, conformation, obedience and of course canine freestyle. Once again, you do not need to doubt its quality of service. Each activity is supported and facilitated by a group of members who are experienced. They are chosen and placed by their ability in training dogs. All activities in this Dog Training Winston Salem are conducted by the professionals. All methodologies offered there are truly recommended for all kinds of dog. If you have any further question, just call 336-462-9738 or simply visit their website on

  1. K-9 Rehab

This Dog Training Winston Salem offers you private classes for your dog. There will be spring, summer, fall, and of course winter class that you can choose to join. Each class will be managed by different members with the same service. These classes are recommended for those who have time to train their dog, but somehow still find difficulties in training the dogs to be like what they want to be. By joining this Winston Salem dog training club, you will not only train your dog to be what you want to be but you also gain valuable experience about training dogs. Make sure you register yourself before the registration is closed since this Dog Training Winston Salem has many types of therapy that are suggested for your dog. Call them on 336 602-1905 or 336 734-3261 for more complete information.

K-9 Rehab winston – salem
  1. Jim Hodges Dog Training

One more recommended dog training center at Winston Salem is Jim Hodges Dog Training. They have spent more than 20 years in learning everything about dogs with the help of many different professional dog trainers around the world. More than that, they also have studied and now are keep studying different theories of dogs’ discipline and behavior. They have trained many dogs in all aspects like assistance work, therapy work, scent detection, behavior, obedience, aggression and also search and rescue. This Dog Training Winston Salem is located in 5948 Twin Meadows Dr, Pfafftown, NC  27040. If you are interested, you can call 336-945-3232.

With all the experience, it is not difficult for to convince dog owners to join one of this dog training club in Winston Salem. All the programs, classes or activities are facilitated and managed by experienced members.

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