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Finding the best dog training in Chico, CA might not be as easy as expected. There are a lot of training centers offering their programs to you, the costumers. As the owner of four legged pet at home, you cannot help but agree that they sometimes give you a hard time. Thus, you need help from the expert to solve this problem.

  • Dog Guy Josh

One of the options for dog training in Chico, CA is Dog Guy Josh. He has a long list of certificates related to dog training and behavior. Since 2006, the owner of Dog Guy Josh Chico, CA has been working with dogs, observing their behavior closely as well as deepening his understanding about this loving pet.

It is not surprising to hear that some dog owners rarely spend their time with their pets. Unfortunately, bringing the dog to one of the dog training in Chico, CA does not work for your pet. You just want them to behave properly like the other dog. After all, you keep the dog as the company not to get more stress after work.

If this is the case, probably the best solution might have to start with you. Instead of spending your dollars on other dog training in Chico, CA, Josh could give you guidance to train your dog. Better than that, you could also understand peculiar behavior your pets usually do. In short, Josh will happily listen to your problem and give you the best recommendation in his office of dog training in Chico, CA.

  • Protrain K9 Academy Dog Training

Need close guidance in dog training? Then you have to visit Protrain K9 Academy Chico, CA. The owner, Chris Needles, is a certified dog trainer since 1993 and still improving his skill through seminar and clinics. No wonder, in his dog training in Chico, CA, the help for obedience training in any phase is offered.

Another thing about this training center is how Chris involves his family in the training process. If you want, you could do family session in his dog training in Chico, CA, strengthening the bond between the pet and your family. In fact, this kind of participation is encouraged.

What makes Chris’ dog training in Chico, CA so special is the fact that he provides basic and advance class for limited group. Each session has detailed instructions and explanation. See by yourself how experienced he is in the group session.

  • Canine Connection

One more name that worth remembering is Canine Connection Chico, CA. Sarah Richardson, the owner and the instructor, is in her own level of expertise. Before establishing her first dog training in Chico, CA, she was the apprentice for Dr. Kay Stephen. He is one of the figures that introduced positive reinforcement to train dog.

Along with her active participation in dog training, she is also able to give brilliant suggestion to solve dog behavior problem. Even now, her dog training in Chico, CA offers not only words but also accompaniment for the owners. Nothing more satisfying than seeing the owner has good relation with the dog, as well as the dog friendliness towards its kind.

In accordance to her level of expertise, Sarah’s dog training in Chico, CA offers wide range of service: training, daycare and boarding program. The target is also varied from puppies to fully grown dogs. Now you have best option to put the pets on care while you are away. In addition, there are a lot of loving houses, ready to welcome your dog as a friend through boarding program.

Especially if you are a new owner, the difference of each dog training center is not yet clear. One thing for sure: you need help with your dog to make it behaves better. Decide first what kind of help you are looking for. Then, call one of the best dog training in Chico, CA, mentioned in the above list.

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