How Can You Tell What Types of Pit Bulls You Have?

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There are so many types of pit bulls that you can have in your house. Pit Bulls are undoubtedly a type of dog that almost all dog lovers adore. This kind of dog have some charm and attraction that no one can deny. From all of the types, there the some types that people like the most. Here are the types of pit bulls that everyone is looking for.

  1. American Pit Bull Terrier

At the top of the list there is American Pit Bull Terrier for you. If you are looking for a dog with athleticism and strength, then this is the answer. These types of pit bulls commonly can be found in the house of human society, sometimes as companion, working therapy or police dogs. However, some dogs in this breed are still used illegally as a fighting dog.

The size of this dog is usually medium-sized with short bristle and nice-looking muscle structure that makes them look splendid. It feels smooth, glossy and short once you touch the bristle. These types of pit bulls have almond and round eyes while the ears are medium or sometimes small-sized. Their tail look sharp no matter how small or big the dog is. The color of their skin looks solid and brindled with organized patterns. These types of pit bulls bloodlines also offer you strength, confidence, loyalty and its protective nature. That is why these types of pit bulls are typically pet companion for family, especially for children.

American Pit Bull Terrier

Since this type of pit bulls still retains some of their aggressive nature, it is recommended for you to give them some socialization and obedience training. Costing you from $300 until $3000 USD, these dogs are undoubtedly the most expensive pit bull bloodline in the shop.

  1. American Staffordshire Terrier

Next types of pit bulls is American Staffordshire Terrier which most people think they were originally bred in Staffordshire, England. In fact, these dogs were first bred in Birmingham. Often being labeled as English Bulldog, these types of pit bulls were cross-bred with some other dogs like Fox Terrier, Tan Terrier and Black or White English Terrier. Actually American Staffordshire Terrier were very popular with people in the US until World War 2 declined their popularity.

American Staffordshire Terrier

Although these types of pit bulls are stubborn by nature, you can make them show positive responses to owners if you can enforce and establish the rules confidently to change its behavior. You can hope dependable, loyal and well-natured dogs that consider companionship if you can train them correctly. They will show many reactions to strangers like reserve politeness, instinctual guarding or exuberant face-kissing.

They have hard and stiff bristle skin with thick stocky and glossy hair. They also have muscular body which is very strong for any dogs at its size. Their ears can be cropped and their tails are tapering to a point shortly. Since they have dog fighting ancestry, it is understood that they will not respond to any assertive dogs kindly. These types of pit bulls are priced from $300 up to $500 USD.

  1. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Basically these types of pit bulls are fighter and used to be trained that way. Some dogs still have their old habit as a dog fighter. That is why they are a little bit difficult for housebreak. This kind of dogs need to form its discipline. Hence, they will need training from a strong pack and confident owner who is consistent to demand the dogs to follow the rules. If you succeed to train the dog, they will turn into courageous, obedient, affectionate, and discipline dogs. You will not worry to get them along with children or strangers.

These types of pit bulls have muscular body which is strong enough to go along with it. They have strong jaws on the head and distinct stoop along on their short foreface. They also have round dark eyes and small ears with low-set and taper to point tail. These types of pit bulls will cost you $300 until $1500 USD.

  1. Bull Terrier

These types of pit bulls are easily recognized by their long and strong oval-shaped head which is flat on its top. They have muscular body and powerful built which make them look like a dog fighter. Their eyes are shaped like an almond and dark colored. The short and dense bristle of them feels harsh when it is touched. Their tail goes horizontal with low level angle.

There are two primary colors of these types of pit bulls, which is white and colored. There is only colored marking on the head for white bull terrier. While there are several colors for colored bull terrier like brindle, black brindle, fawn, red and tricolor with white. With $1000 to $2000 USD you can bring these types of pit bulls home.

  1. American Buldog

American Buldog

The last but not least, we have American Buldog in the types of pit bulls list. This kind of dog really represents a character of a strong dog with their sturdy, robust and muscular body. Their swiftness, strength and agility are the main attributes of their growing process as giant pit bull breeds with the hulk pit bull bloodline. With a square-shaped head and big couple of powerful jaws, American Buldog looks like they are ready to beat other types of dogs. Their chest has moderate depth supported with strong legs and thick bone. That is why they are also labeled as white rhino pit bulls.

Even these types of dogs are often considered as naughty dog, they are able to socialize with stranger. In fact, American Buldog is a loyal, brave, reliable and determined dog. They also have protective instinct to protect children. These types of pit bulls are priced for $600 until $900 USD.

It is always interesting to talk about dogs. There are so many types of them with their special characteristics. Pit bulls are one of the types. There are so many types of pit bulls with their uniqueness. That is why you need to be selective in choosing the types of pit bulls that you want to have.

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