How to Train a Dog to Stop Barking?

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Barking is a natural sound of dogs, but barking can be problematic if not controlled. If your dog has an irritating barking habit, then you need to teach him to behave in a tantalizing and barking manner when having a definite cause. How to train a dog to stop barking this should be done slowly and carefully. Do not reply to dog barks with your shouting voice. If you reply by shouting, then the dog will be more barking. This can be interpreted as a response from your dog. Therefore, instead of yelling, it would be better if you ignore the dog’s bark first. After that approach your dog and gently push it to stop barking. Teaching dog behavior should start from the most basic stage. That is, recognize the character of your dog.

How to train a dog to stop can also be overcome by knowing the cause of your dog barking. You must be observant in analyzing the causes of barking dogs. Do not hesitate to ask the neighbors about what happens when your dog barks outside the house. Once you know the cause of the barking of the dog, then learn the pattern of barking. In addition to direct observation, you can also analyze dog barking behavior from video. You can install CCTV cameras in places where your dog often barks. From the video recordings, then you can analyze and know the cause of your dog barking.

How to train a dog to stop, next you can do by distracting the dog. If your dog obeys your request and he stops barking, then you can give him a gift. This is so that your dog understands that what he is doing is a good thing. Therefore, your dog will get used to barking when things are needed. For example, your dog will bark when hungry, want to get out of the house, or there are dangerous things around you.

Dog barking is a form of expression of your dog. Therefore, dogs can bark to express their emotional sense. These flavors can vary, and are primarily saturated. To overcome barking due to saturation, then you can provide exercise or games for dogs. When the dog is barking, you can tell it slowly to silence by giving the mouth a closed gesture. After the dog is silent, then drop his favorite toy on the floor. This will make the dog’s attention switch to the toy you just dropped. In addition, (how) this can overcome the saturation of your dog.

How to train a dog to stop you can also apply is to move your dog’s position. When your dog barks outside the house, then you can invite him to enter the house. Do not invite her directly into the house while barking. Ignore the bark first, leave for a moment so that your dog feels calm. After that, you just attach the animal bridle on the neck and take your dog into the house. Hopefully some of these explanations can help you in overcoming the problem of your dog’s barking sound that can cause interference. The most important thing is you have to understand your dog’s behavior when barking.

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