How to Train a Blind Dog?

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Dogs are born not yet understand how to play, urinate or dirt in the right place. Moreover, if your dog is born or because other causes have blindness. So you have to train it with extra. Therefore, you need the right how to train a blind dog. You may have to spend several months teaching your dog to do so many things. It takes precision and patience to make your dog become accustomed and obedient. Instead, you use a firm but gentle workout style to guide your dog.

This dog is a sensitive animal, so you should show your affection to the dog. This way you can do by touching and stroking the dog’s head gently. You can also add by gently tapping your chin. Do it wholeheartedly, then the feeling of saying you will get to the dog. This is because the dog has a very strong instinct. You can also strengthen your relationship with your dog by frequently calling your dog’s name. Get used to the whole family to call your dog’s name. In fact, you can introduce your dog’s name when there are guests who are in your home. When the dog is already trained in his instinct, he will not bark haphazardly. This method is good enough to be applied as how to train a blind dog.

This is the basic stage you should do in training the dog. How to train a blind dog next is talking to your dog. Talk to your blind dog in a cheerful and excited voice. Your cheerfulness can channel into your dog. You can take your dog to talk as often as possible to make him familiar with your voice. In addition, you can also give a touch when you are talking. Make sure you walk with a firm step, so that your blind dog understands that you are approaching him.

Another way that can be applied is to provide a necklace with a small bell. The sound of the bell can be a “friend” for your dog. In addition, you can also teach your dog with various forms of toys and smells. Giving a dog a favorite toy will help him to feel more sensitive and aware of the surrounding environment. In fact, how to train a blind you can apply it by taking him for a trip to the same place repeatedly. This repetitive activity aims to allow your dog to memorize places and environments. You should also familiarize your dog to properly dispose of the dirt. This way you can do it by taking it to a place to get rid of the dirt when your dog is already visibly upset.

How to train a blind dog this can be done by giving praise to your dog. Give praise when your dog does a good deed. In addition to praise, you can also add it by giving a snack to your dog. For example, give a snack when your dog throws dirt in the right place. You can also give compliments and snacks when she is pleasant in front of guests. In addition, you can also punish him when a dog makes a mistake. Keep in mind, do not punish by force. The punishment may be to confine a dog into a cage or a small room with a fifteen-minute vulnerability. After that, relinquish your dog and play as usual.

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