[Cadaver Dog Training] Dogs Can be Trained in Their Smell to Find Illicit Goods

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Dogs are animals that can help human work. Dogs can help humans in hunting, guarding goats, carrying burdens, saving, searching, securing, guiding, even dogs can be used for psychological therapy. To be able to do various things that are useful, then the dog needs to be given proper and intensive training. This training can be done by practicing traces. Cadaver dog training can be used to prepare the dog in doing the work. Dogs can be used to search for criminals, search for missing persons, or missing items. In fact, dogs can be trained in their smell to find illicit goods, such as narcotics. In the country of Indonesia there is a special dog who is trained to recognize the smell of drugs. It aims to help eradicate drug smuggling. In fact, this type of dog can find drugs that are stored in the suitcase. When found, the dog will not bark or bark, but the dog will sit quietly near the suitcase.

Cadaver dog training is carried out with orders that are already set in each country. Actually, all dogs can be trained to be tracking dogs, but the burden and the way the exercise should be adjusted. When in dog practice make mistakes, then the dog must be given a reprimand. It aims to make them understand that what is done is wrong. To train a dog track, then use a loud voice so your dog also gets excited and behaves decisively. Place the dog on the trail of something to look for. This condition will make it easier for dogs to do the tracker.

Cadaver dog training will produce trained dogs that can be adapted to their respective parts. Some of these sections are among other searches and rescues that can be used to locate people who are declared. For this task is usually used Labrador and Golden Retriever dogs who must be trained appropriately. In addition, there are dog trainers in the public section, such as sniffer dogs that are often used for searching suspects, arrests, pursuits, crime-proof searches, as well as corpse searches. So, the type of dog used is Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois. Labrador types can also be included in the category of tracking dogs for these tasks.

Cadaver dog training for these trained dogs is diverse. They are trained for sport dogs as well as pet dogs or home dogs. In fact, for those of you who want the type of dog to follow a dog training program, the tracker can register it to a training program organized by the police. Your dog care and custody will be done after the owner has agreed to all the procedures and requirements.

This tracking training can be done independently with small-scale tracking types. You can teach your dog with the predetermined path and smell of his favorite food. Dogs can track things through trajectories that have a smell of something they will be looking for. In fact, when a dog’s smell is disturbed by other smells, the dog can still tell the difference. This is because the dog’s olfactory ability is very high. When doing an exercise program, make sure your dog traces on your orders. In addition, make sure the dog also smells another odor from the smell of something he will find. This is useful to ensure that your dog can distinguish the various odors that exist.

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