Things You Need to Understand About Reactive Dog Training Tips

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Dog behavior consists of various types. There are dogs that have reactive and aggressive behaviors. Aggressive behavior in dogs means the attitude shown by dogs because they want to attack or hurt other individuals. These individuals can be fellow dogs, other animals, or humans. Aggressive and reactive dog conditions are almost the same, they react for a clear reason. So, when there is the assumption that dogs are being aggressive because for no apparent reason, then this is something wrong. This aggressive dog can be triggered because something is threatened, such as food, toy, or place of power. This aggressive and reactive dog is almost the same. Therefore, you need to understand about reactive dog training tips.

The thing you need to notice is that dogs who are reactive can also turn into being aggressive. This can be triggered if the person or situation has passed the dog tolerance limit. Thus, dogs that have this reactive or aggressive attitude need to be trained appropriately and intensively. So that the dog’s attitude is not continuous. In fact, this dog training also needs to be done for dogs who are obedient. So the dog understands what you are instructing. However, dogs are aggressive and reactive in need reactive dog training tips. Here are some tips you can practice:

  1. Never hit your dog, because it will damage the exercise program. Hand signal and bonding methods will damage the dog, even the dog will be hesitant if asked to practice.
  2. Conduct a positive exercise program. You can use food or toys to help your dog practice. Do not hit dogs. If the dog is wrong, the punishment may be not given snack foods or in brackets into the enclosure for 10 to 15 minutes. Avoid using violence.
  3. No need to exercise too long. You just need 10 minutes to 15 minutes for each training session. You can also divide your dog practice into 1 hour for a period of one week twice.
  4. Do an exercise program before a big meal. You can give a snack to the dog while you’re training. This will help the dog to be encouraged to do the exercises diligently. Make sure you apply (reactive dog training tips).
  5. After the dog is doing the exercise program, then continue by giving a large portion of the meal. After that, teach toilet training for your dog.
  6. Do the training consistently to make the dog easy to remember.
  7. Make lots of communication to your dog. Convey your feelings of love through touch and elution for your dog. With your gesture, the dog can read your feelings. Because njing has a very sharp instinct.
  8. Practice dog habits clearly. For example, you must be firm in prohibiting dogs should not bite shoes.
  9. Train your dog sincerely. Teach your dog to the maximum in order to get the best results. Dogs are sensitive animals, so do not treat them arbitrarily. Hopefully various (reactive dog training tips) can help you in running an exercise program.

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