Upgrade Physical Condition With Flirt Pole Dog Training

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A pole flirt is also called a flirt stick, a sports equipment for dogs that can lure a dog to pursue the bait. The bait from the tool moves quickly, which makes the dog feel happy and challenged. This equipment is often used to train the physical condition of the dog that aims to improve its ability in certain competitions. This tool is effectively used to make dogs deploy all their energy in small places. Flirt Pole is made of long stick made of light wood or lightweight plastic. At the end there is a long string with bait, a dog toy, a rag, or other items. The length of Flirt Pole is usually 3 to 15 feet with a similar rope length. This Flirt Pole model resembles a fishing rod. You can use it for Flirt Pole dog training.

Flirt Pole can be used to train the dog to be agile in running or jumping. With this exercise the dog will have the urge to chase the prey. With this exercise can be a dog feel free to move and act with his favorite way. Dogs become more active and healthy. You can use Flirt Pole dog training to help your dog’s physical activity. This will stimulate the mental activity of the dog. Thus, your dog will be active to jump, observe, plan movements, and change direction to move. This can happen because the bait is in Flirt Pole is always moving. You as a coach can take advantage of the Flirt Pole rope to be driven as you wish. You can adjust the speed of the Flirt Pole. With practice using Flirt Pole will make your dog can move quickly with varying heights.

Flirt Pole dog training is in addition to improving the ability of dogs can also maintain and improve the health of your dog. By practicing using Flirt Pole this will make the heart function of your dog to be better. Lung health also becomes more awake. In addition, exercise with Flirt Pole will also help your dog in maintaining balance, strengthen joint muscles, and improve motor skills. In fact, typing practice with Flirt Pole will help the dog to release anxious energy that can damage dog behavior. Therefore, such conditions will be able to keep the body’s function of the dog remains healthy. However, young dogs, dogs with obese bodies, and dogs with joint problems should avoid doing an exercise program using Flirt Pole. This can cause joint muscle injury, even heart health disruption.

Flirt Pole dog training is very easy to do. You just have to hold Flirt Pole and wiggle the rope with the feed at various speeds. The basic principle of this exercise is to move the bait in various directions so that the dog is not easy to catch the bait. Doing exercises with Flirt Pole is not only make the dog become actively moving, but dog owners must also actively move. Therefore, you can have fun with your dog by using Flirt Pole. In addition to changing the direction of movement of the feed from Flirt Pole, you can also swing the bait up and down so your dog is training to jump. When the dog successfully catches the bait from Flirt Pole, then you should give it a gift. You can give a gift of praise, caress on the head, or you can also give it a snack.

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