Everything You Should Know about Blue Nose Pitbull

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If you ever heard about Blue Nose Pitbull, what you have in mind is that they are a dangerous and fierce breed of dogs. However, you can’t judge the book from its cover, right? Yes, even if they are physically strong and scary looking dogs, Blue Nose Pitbull is actually friendly dog. Therefore, here are things you should know about them.

About the Blue Nose Pitbull

A Blue Nose Pitbull is a breed of dog that is rather hard to find although the breed becomes more popular these days. The breed itself is not recognized as a separated Pitbull breed even though it has different color variation from the original Pitbull breed, which is American Pitbull Terrier. Before you know about the origin of this rare breed, you may want to know about the history of the Blue Nose Pit breed itself.

England was the origin of the American Pitbull Terrier. Back then, they were used to bait bears and bulls during a fight. However, after this sport was banned and became illegal, the dogs are encouraged to fight one another by their owners. In results, a sport named dog fighting was invented and this illegal sport continue to exist until this day where Blue Nose Pitbull still takes part in it.

Now, that you have known about the history of this breed, you may begin to think that Blue Nose Pitbull is not bad dog. Yes, it is true. The reason that makes them become fierce and unfriendly are the environment they grow in. If they grow in a negative environment, the Blue Nose Pitbull will eventually have negative attitudes, such as barking, jumping, and snapping at people. However, if they are grown in such positive environment, it will allow them to be his naturally protective, courageous self, and loving.

The reason of why this breed has a bluish gray coloration comes from breeding two Blue Nose Pitbulls. Then, occasionally the puppy will be born with certain color variation that can be different from the parents. The typical color of this breed is bluish gray coloration, and it becomes this way due to the lack of black pigmentation that is passed down from the parents DNA to the puppy. The lack of pigmentation is known to be a recessive gene that can only be passed if both parents are the gene’s carriers.

Temperament and Personality of Blue Nose Pitbull

You cannot judge that this rare breed of dog has only negative temperament and personality. The fact, however, tells otherwise. A Blue Nose Pitbull tends to possess many of the same temperament and personality traits as any other Pitbulls in general. Generally, Blue Pitbull Dog can show positive behavioral traits and can be obedient creature, especially if they are properly socialized and trained.

Moreover, Blue Nose Pitbull and Pitbull Terriers as a whole are docile, intelligent, friendly, loving, and protective animals. However, they can be aggressive when it comes to danger that threatens their own safety and they may even fight the threat to the death if it is necessary. This aggression itself comes from fears, so it is vital for you to understand this type of aggression.

Facts about Blue Nose Pitbulls You Probably Don’t Know

There are so many interesting facts about a Blue Nose Pitbull that you probably don’t know yet. Therefore, here are facts you should know about this amazing breed.

  1. It Is a very Active Dog

If you ever wanted a very active pet that can make you happy every time you walk it at nearby park, then Blue Nose Pitbull is a perfect choice to make an ideal pet. It is known that both puppies and adults of this breed require lots of quality playtime and exercises. Therefore, once per day it is recommended to take it out to a park for a walk. It is known that lack of activity and exercise will affects the Blue Nose Pitbull mentally and physically that can be dangerous because they can suffer from overweight, laziness, and lethargy.

  1. It Has Human-Like Emotions

A Blue Nose Pitbull is unpredictably to possess emotions like human. This emotions will help you to bond your relationship with the dog. However, the negative effects of the human-like emotions they have are that they will show complex behavior and stubbornness. But still, you can still make a Blue Nose Pitbull understand that you will not tolerate some emotional outburst by discipline training.

  1. They are not a Separate Kind of PitBull Breed

If there is someone says that Blue Nose Pitbulls are different breed from PitBull Bloodline, then it is sadly wrong. It is because this kind of dog is an American PitBull Terrier whose nose pit has bluish coloration. Therefore, this breed is the same of Pitbulls in general just like Pitbull White.

In conclusion, it can be said that this rare breed is an ideal pet for those who want a friendly, loving, affectionate, intelligent, but protective and very loyal pet. Even though the bad stereotype about this breed still exists to this day, Blue Nose Pitbulls will still be a popular breed because of their personality traits.

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