12 Things You Didn’t Know about the Blue French Bulldog

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The Blue French Bulldog is not different from other French Bulldog except for the coloration of the dog’s fur. The dog is very masculine that makes a good companion. If you are fond of this dog, there are 12 things you didn’t know about the Blue French Bulldog. What are they? Check them out in the list below.

  1. The Dog is not French

It is fact that a Blue French Bulldog is not actually French even though they are named frenchies. The origin of this breed is from a little area in England called Nottingham. Therefore, this dog is actually English. Some people also called this breed as Blue English Bulldog as its native is from England.

  1. The Dog is not Recognized

There are so many types of bulldogs and this breed is not recognized by dog breeder associations. Moreover, you may get disallowed to show or train a Blue French Bulldog to enter into any competitions because of their coloring. A French Bulldog is a recognized breed, but the blue coloring will be disallowed from being considered as show dogs.

  1. Blue French Bulldog is Lazy. And Its his Personality

blue french bulldog puppies

Another fact about a Blue French Bulldog is that its personality of being lazy all the time. Unlike other breeds of French Bulldog, this breed is not kind of dog that will run around the room. It is because it does not need much of activity to be healthy and happy. Besides, the dog is not prone to become obese or overweight because of being lazy all the time and eating too much.

  1. Poor Blue French Bulldog. He cant Swim!

This is an important bulldogs’ fact related to the ability of this breed. Yes, swimming is not the ability possessed by this gentle creature. The reason why a Blue French Bulldog cannot swim is that it has short legs which make it difficult to swim.

  1. The Dog Needs a Lot of Attention

If you are a dog owner who is busy and has little time to spend with your dog, then a Blue French Bulldog is not your ideal pet. This breed is the one that needs a lot of attention from its owner at all time.

  1. The Dog Likes to Snort

Be ready for a never-ending snort if you keep this breed in your house. The dog tends to snort because it has a very flat face. It is referred to as brachycephalic meaning that it has very labored breathing. So, if you don’t like the sound of snort, then this breed is not for you.

  1. The Natural Births of the Dog are Very Few

Similar to a Black English Bulldog that is rare, this frenchies breed is also rare in the manner of natural births. Due to the Blue French Bulldog’s head size, there are very few of these breeds that are born naturally. Therefore, it is advisable to get help from a veterinarian to prevent the mother to suffer any damage to her health and body.

  1. It is Expensive

A Blue French Bulldog price in market today is almost twice as much as French Bulldog’s price. The crazy factor is that because it has different coat. Therefore, you will not find the price of this breed similar to American Bulldog Puppies.

  1. It Gets Very Cold Easily

This frenchies breed has only a single coat. It means that it becomes very cold easily. The dog tend to cuddle close to its owner or a blanket for extra warmth. This is one of the reasons why most of French Bulldogs are very fond of staying indoors.

  1. The Dog is Very Allergic

This little fellow is actually prone to a number of allergies. This means that it will spend more time than other dogs at the vet. It has many skin allergies and even some dogs are required to have a very specific diet to prevent it from having an allergic reaction.

  1. It Has a Lot of Emotions

This sensitive little fellow does not take criticism easily. Therefore, if you own this little guy, and when it does something bad, don’t yell at or scold it. Frenchies will do more and much better with positive encouragement as they want to please you.

  1. It is Meant to be a Great Companion

A Blue French Bulldog is meant to be a great companion. If you are a type of person who love to spend times indoors, then this dog will make your day more perfect because it will gladly accompany you by relaxing on your laps.

Owning this Frenchies little guy means that you have to understand how to treat it properly to make it happy and proud of you. These 12 things you didn’t know about the Blue French Bulldog, therefore, will be your guide.

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