Bulldog Puppies Characters You Must Know

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If you own bulldogs, especially bulldog puppies, then you may want to take your time reading the explanation of the origin and history and the characteristics of these breeds. An English Bulldog is one of popular breeds of dog that is so adorable and lovely, especially the puppies. So, here are things you should know about them.

Origin and History of the English Bulldog

The English Bulldog names are originated from its habitat, which is in England. An English Bulldog was known as a bearbaiting and bullbaiting dog. It was kind of a sport originated in the British Isles in the 13th century. These days, this breed is still believed as one of the most dangerous dog breeds. However, this stereotype is actually untrue because the fact that this breed actually possesses natural loving personality.

There are many types of bulldogs, ones of the most common categories of the breed are the English Bulldogs, Blue French Bulldog, and American Bulldog. The most typical characteristic between English Bulldogs and the other two is that they are more considered as lapdogs or dogs which tend to stay indoors with their owner.

Characteristics of English Bulldog Puppies

The vicious and intimidating traits of the early English Bulldog have been bred long ago. These days, Bullys are recognized as the types of bulldogs which are patient, dependable, playful, friendly, and cuddly, especially bulldog puppies. In results, these breeds are considered as one of the best dog breeds for family, especially for children.

Moreover, there are some characters of English Bulldog puppies you should know. Here they are:

  1. Bulldog Puppies are considered as stubborn fellow at times and they sometimes try to exert dominance over their owner.
  2. If you have bulldog puppies at home, you have to make sure that they socialize well because it is very crucial. If they don’t learn how to socialize, they can be aggressive towards other dogs.
  3. Another character of bulldog puppies is that they are known as lapdogs. It means that they tend to have more time indoors relaxing and napping. The opposite characteristic is possessed by American Bulldog Puppies that are more considered as working dogs. This is one of the most interesting bulldog facts you need to be aware about.
  4. They are really loyal and need a lot of attentions from the owner. Therefore, if you have English Bulldog, especially bulldog puppies, make sure you have spare time for them because they cannot be left alone and without any attention.
  5. A bulldog Puppies is usually very playful and energetic. Moreover, it is often considered as mischievous beast. It is because the dog loves to chew. So, make sure to train them to make them not to chew your shoes.

It can be concluded that bulldog puppies are not different from adult English Bulldog. They are very active, playful, energetic which make them a great companion and stress shredder. However, at some points they can be very stubborn and show other behavioral complex. Therefore, bulldog puppies are really ideal for those who are fond of pets.

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