American Bulldog Puppies Info Before You Own Him

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Voted for their loving and caring nature, american bulldog puppies still keep the top position for the most favorite pet. Even though bulldogs are popular for its high energy level, there are some breeds that could match the pace of the couch potato person. If you plan to adopt or buy one, this is only one of the information you need to know about bulldog.

Choosing american bulldog puppies has never been simple. Coming without knowing the precise name of the breed you want will cost you longer time in the pet shop or adoption center. There are five common types of bulldogs: the Johnson, the Scott, the American Bulldog or also known as Old Southern White, and the Hybrid. They have big built, and most of them need intense daily workout.

  • Bulldog Facts

You might also want to hear about this bulldogs fact: some mixed breeds have small built and fit to apartment lifestyle. They don’t require too much exercise: moderate workout is enough. Also, this dog is also famous for its ability to give birth up to eleven american bulldog puppies per litter. For those who live in the country side, you need to know that bulldog has very strong prey sense towards cattle.

  • Characteristic Difference

Although all types of american bulldog puppies belong to one family, they have different personality, strength and size. American bulldog babies, for example, loves running, fetching, swimming and skateboarding. The other two  kinds of bulldog puppies, need any of that. Laying around and do short track running while playing hide and seek is good enough.

That is how blue french bulldog gets its title as the lap dog. It could adapt well to the family and other dogs. Training could start early, as this tiny dog could learn fast, as long as the trainer could make it similar to a game. In relation to training, the ideal age of American Bulldog to get trained is six months old. Before that, the babies must get intensive obedience training first.

If you have children and live in apartment with medium or no yard, then blue english bulldog suits you well.  It will be happy with indoor games, and could tolerate hug, kiss, and high-pitched sound made by your children. American Bulldog, on the other side, has quite unpleasant history. Due to its aggression, it often hurts children and elders.

It is not fair to mention only one general name of the dog and judge that the whole race shares those similar traits. Breeding takes place years ago, producing numerous new breeds with mixed characteristic. It is who, as the owner or owner wants to be, that should learn and match your personality to the american bulldog puppies.

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