Some Trusted Newfoundland Dog Breeders

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Finding certified Newfoundland dog breeders is a must. Otherwise, you will meet some illegal breeder that will make the dog look “appealing” and “pretty” just to get your attention. Later on when your loving pet got sick, the breeder cannot be contacted. Therefore, you need to have some trusted breeders in your pocket.

  1. Jalynn Kennel Perm Dog Breeders

This is one of Newfoundland dog breeders that have more than 40 years experience. Each dog in their list has thorough health check: hips, heart, eyes, patella, etc. In addition, Jalynn Newfoundland dog breeders provide Canine Health Information Centre (CHIC) as well as health Tested Open Database (TOD). Thus, it will be convenient for you to check the dog’s medical record by yourself.

When you visit the shelter, what dog breed are you expecting? Jalynn breeds two kinds of Newfoundland: black and landseer. If you happen to buy the juvenile dog, you can be sure that they have passed the obedience training.

  1. Newfoundland Dog Breeders : TwinHuey

If you want to look for Newfoundland dog breeders that raise their dogs as a part of family, this is the right place to start. The owner fell in love for Newfoundland on 1996, and began their journey in dog breeding since then. They also admit that they had some unhealthy puppies and promised not to repeat similar mistake.

Newfoundland is the opposite of small white dog breeds: it has big built with black fur. People love it not for the appearance, but the personality. Therefore, it is the priority from TwinHuey to raise an obedient, calm and healthy Newfoundland dogs.

  1. TitanBear

The next stop for Newfoundland dog breeders that open their house for a kennel is TitanBear. Even though their love for Newfoundland had started in 1987, they are legally registered as a certified breeder in 2005. Even in such sort periods, this kennel has a long list of family who really want to adopt the litters.

Newfoundland dog is caring, and tend to be a family dog, unlike brindle pitbull puppies, which is naturally protective and active. However, the journey to be a warm, understanding and less aggressive dog starts from the early age. Without proper education, this dog could be the most dangerous dog breeds. This is the reason why the puppies are not allowed to leave the kennel before 10 weeks old.

Purchasing a Newfoundland dog actually is not tricky. You just need to make sure that this dog is healthy. The breeders should be able to provide the health record and the family line of your new dog. It means to help you anticipate things that might happen. Thus, it is suggested to purchase the dog ONLY from legal Newfoundland dog breeders.

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