How Can You Tell What Types of Bulldogs You Have

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Are you wondering about the types of bulldogs that currently live together with you? Or probably you adore a bulldog you saw recently in the park? To be able to determine the type of a bulldog, you should pay attention to three things: the size, the shape of face, and the shape of legs.

  1. Types od Bulldogs no.1 is …. Frenchie

It is also known as blue french bulldog. Just like what you read in the name, this dog has bluish coat. This characteristic helps you to notice these types of bulldogs.

Frenchie’s body is small: the fully grown adult will only reach 12 to 14 inches or almost similar to domestic cat size. If you take a closer look to this types of bulldogs, its head is large and has square shape. When you pat its head, you can feel that the skull is flat, but slightly rounded in the middle.  It also has bat ears, which make the face looks even more adorable.

Going down to the neck, you will notice that it is short and thick, with loose skin. Also, Frenchie is the types of bulldogs that have short, wide apart forelegs. When you feel the legs, it is fat but muscular. Tracing the shoulder to the back, Frenchie body looks like a triangle.

  1. American Bulldog : The most favourite from many types of bulldogs

When you see the big types of bulldogs, it is probably the American Bulldog. This dog could grow up to 70 cm tall and even the shortest adult still reach 52 cm. Its face is square and large with sturdy jaws. You could also notice the furrow above the round eyes, which looks like the eyebrow.

The male American Bulldog has boarder shoulder and heavier bone than the female. Even so, every female American Bulldog could deliver up to eleven american bulldog puppies at once. When you observe the front legs, they should be strong, lean straight, and boned. As expected, the ideal body for these types of bulldogs is board, and covered with muscles.

The tail has medium length, pointing to the ground and usually straight. It is thicker on the base and getting thinner to the tail tip. These types of bulldogs also have smooth and short coat.

  1. Blue English Bulldog

This dog carries the real definition of wrinkles. Do you have small types of bulldogs, with wrinkles all over its face and body? Since the wrinkles are thick and wavy, it is quite difficult to find the eyes at the first time. If your answer is yes, then you just define a blue english bulldog.

Belong to the group of small breed, this dog could grow only 30 cm at the maximum. This types of bulldogs literally has more wrinkles on its cheeks, head, body, and even on its short legs. You may get the impression of a child who is wearing an oversized winter coat.

Blue English Bulldog is the types of bulldogs that has sad-looking eyes and short tail. Even so, when it is yawning, you could see a wide and big mouth. People who raise this bulldog take them as a lap dog. They are entertaining and funny, even when they just lay on the floor.

  1. Black English Bulldog

This is one of the rare color bulldog, along with the blue coat one. Even so, it is the most commonly found rare types of bulldogs. Its body is covered by black coat as the dominant color. Usually, the dog has a little bit white or brown coats, too.

If you are questioning what dog breed are you raising, then the answer is simple. People give the name from its coat color. The name is black English bulldog. The fully grown adult could reach only 1 foot at the maximum.

Just like the other rare, the black coat has wrinkles in every inch of the body: face, legs and body. These types of bulldogs also have short neck, which look closely connected to the shoulder because of the wrinkle.  The front legs are short and set wide apart. These special types of bulldogs actually have strong legs, but the wrinkles make them look wobbling and shabby.

  1. Victorian Bulldog

Types of Bulldogs : Victorian Bulldog

You may notice specific bulldog that has long lengs, and wider built than the other bulldogs. Then probably it is the Victorian Bulldog. These types of bulldogs have wide chest and broad shoulders. The legs are straight and muscular as well.

Judging form its body built, Victorian Bulldog is the types of bulldogs that fits for athletic purpose. In fact, this dog is a loving companion, which entitled as “the dog of elite class”. The pet has gentle facial expression, framed with rose or button ears.

There is one interesting bulldogs fact you might want to know. Due to its appearance, Victorian Bulldog is often mistaken as the English Bulldog. You could differentiate the, by comparing the size. These types of bulldogs is larger than the English one.

Also, the bottom part of a Victorian Bulldog is less heavy but slightly higher than the front part. Even so, this small difference does not ruin the ideal symmetry of the body. In adult stage, it could grow up to 19 inches.

  1. Catahoula Bulldog

Catahoula Bulldog

If you have the chance to carry the bulldog, you will find Catahoula Bulldog as the heaviest breed among all. This types of bulldogs is a mix breed of Catahoula dog, which is a herd dog, and American Bulldog, which is a pests hunter. As the result, it has the body of a bulldog and big, wider head from the Catahoula.

The coat is shot shiny, with wide variations of colors and patterns. These types of bulldogs usually have either one of these ears: button, cropped or rose. The adult dog could be 66 cm tall and weighs about 45 kg. If you look at the legs, they are long, straight and muscular.

Unlike the other types of bulldogs, Catahoula Bulldog has almost no wrinkles. The only thing that define it as a bulldog is its well built and wide separated legs. Even its face has minimum wrinkles.

The most common stereotype for people to determine a bulldog is the wrinkles. Well, while this standard is true, you need more than this clue to mention the exact name of the dog. Especially for novice dog owner, the explanation above should be enough to help you determining the types of bulldogs you want or have.

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