Labrador breed
Labrador breed

What Dog Breed Are You? The Most Popular Types of American Dog

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What dog breed are you looking for for a companion in the house? Many houses in America has adopted or purchased dog. If you don’t know what breed you want, probably you can learn something from the most popular list below. When many people choose certain dog breed, then it means the breeds have something great in store.

  1. Labrador

To answer the question what dog breed are you looking for, you need to know that matching personality is above the other compatibility points. People love Labrador for its caring and entertaining traits. Studies have found that the dog could feel sad emotion.

In normal days, you can see that this dog will be energetic and funny just to make you happy. Also, some claim that this dog has the most handsome face. Moreover, this breed makes a great guide and rescue dog.

  1. German Shepherd

What dog breed are you going to adopt? Probably a German Shepherd could be the answer. It is popular as the police dog for its smartness and fast learning ability. If you talk about protection, this breed is on the same level with brindle pitbull.

You will be amazed at how happy it is to see you, even when you just take a short walk and come back. It also loves to play outdoors. A German Shepherd could talk out, too.

  1. Golden Retriever

Another way to find out what dog breed are you best suited with is by looking at how well they blend with their surroundings. Golden Retriever has extrovert personality. It allows them to be friends with anyone from any age and other animals.

They are also notorious for demanding affection. Don’t be surprised when this dog follows you everywhere. It is happy to be around people.

  1. Bulldog

What dog breed are you looking for? This one is a protective yet hilarious breed. It loves playing with adults and with some training, children could also be its best friend. You might find it confusing, but the wrinkles on its body and face is another charm to adore.

One of the most popular bulldog types is American bulldog. It has big build and strong personality. You can also have the small bulldog type.

  1. Beagles
Beagle pups
Beagle pups

When you see this breed on the street or park, you will notice that their nose always stick to the ground. This dog is active tracking dog, thus it excels in following scent. Another thing about beagle is its irresistible cuteness.

What dog breed are you suited with? If you want a loyal and active friend, then beagles is the answer. Also, this dog is not picky when it comes to food.

  1. French Bulldog

Frenchie is a small breed that fit for apartment or small house environment. It could melt your heart with its adorable interaction with children. It is also one of bulldogs fact that Frenchie loves to talk.

However, this dog is prone to many health issues. For instance: it may have breathing problem because of its short nose. If you want a breed that has stronger body, probably it is better to find more information about different types of pitbulls.

  1. Poodles

Do you love fashion? Then you must love poodles. They are attractive, intelligent, and lively. You can trim the coat to get different style.

What dog breed are you? Those who answer poodle without a single doubt probably loves the variant of this breed. You could have the standard, miniature and toy size, and for colors, it varies from white, cream, red, black, etc. Therefore, people often pair poodle with another dog to breed another “fashion dog” like Maltipoos.

  1. Rottweilers

2017 is the lucky year for Rottweiler, since this place is the highest it has reached. People now start to recognize that Rottweilers is a worthy companion. It is suitable for those who seek years of relationship, due to its loyal and attaching nature.

You need to know beforehand that Rottweiler requires long island dog training. This way, it knows who the pack leader is, and who to follow. Once being taught, this dog will obey its owner.

  1. Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkshire Terrier. Pict by
Yorkshire Terrier. Pict by

The small white dog breeds is known for its long hair. In addition, you cannot be deceived with its body size: this dog is totally active and energetic! During its first year in the house, you can see how a Yorkshire could bond well with the other family members.

The tiny friend also has incredible history. It is believed that the first therapy dog is Yorkshire Terrier. They were often brought to visit the injured soldiers in the camp and hospital.

  1. Boxers

Fierce appearance of a Boxer doesn’t mean that it has ferocious personality, too. In the opposite, this dog loves its family so much. If you have a baby, you can see how the dog always tries to protect your baby.

Great news is Boxer can find fun everywhere. In the outdoor, it could show plenty of energy. Inside the house, its happiness is to lay near you.

Dog is a loyal and loving companion. No wonder, many families in America put dog as one of their family member. But the most important factor is how your personality could match with the dog’s personality. So, what dog breed are you interested in? No need to worry: there is a dog for everyone.

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